Hire Chef Draden for special occasions as boisterous as holiday parties, or birthdays, baby showers and other events for friends and family. Intimate events such as business meetings or other special occasions for under 25 people make for a perfect opportunity to introduce a personal chef into the celebration.

Intimate Dinners

Hosting family or friends from out of town? Perhaps you’d like to shower the ones you love with some special attention paired with excellent food. Booking an intimate dinner prepared by Chef Draden gives you a restaurant ambiance from the comfort of your own home. For feasts as simple as a family meal or as intricate as a board meeting.

Private Cooking Lessons

Add a little spice to your dish with a private cooking lesson hosted by Chef Draden. Get shirtless and feel sexy while learning to create food that exudes real life sex appeal.

One on One Cooking Lessons

Perfect for the entrepreneur or professional on the go. Chef Draden can teach you meal prepping, how to cook in bulk while maintaining freshness and maximizing time. Consider this one on one cooking lesson a personal course in cooking.

Group Cooking Lessons

Bring happy hour from the bar to your kitchen table with a group cooking lesson for your friends. Whether cooking in high heels, pairing uber sexy outfits with delicious cuisine, group style is always more fun. Chef Draden can lead you and your friends down the path to a decadent evening.

Pop-Up Dinner

Chef Draden’s excellent food and charismatic preparation is a hit, not only among food lovers but restaurateurs and other food industry enthusiasts. His dynamic menu is available for guest chef appearances at various locations along his travel schedule.